There are a number of ways you can support The Nomad Trust. Keep reading to find out how below.

Donate goods

Are you looking to donate goods in support of The Nomad Trust?

Click here to contact one of our Charity Shops.

Thank you for your support.

Do you shop online?

Support The Nomad Trust at no cost by making your purchase through – want to know more about how it works?

Visit: The Nomad Trust on EasyFundraising

Are you a UK Taxpayer?

If so you can use Gift Aid to make your donation go further by telling HM Revenue and Customs to add tax that you have already paid to your donation.

It doesn’t cost you and could mean an extra 25p for each pound you give. Imagine the difference that could make.

Please ask for a Gift Aid form when making your donation. Download a gift aid form using the link below.

Download our Gift Aid Donation Forms